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Why Pegasus Spirits?

Pegasus Spirits is a premium import, distribution and marketing company representing a portfolio of exceptional spirits, liqueurs, mixers and natural spring water. Pegasus Spirits is wholly independent which enables us to work more closely with our clients and customers. Our expertise has been nurtured over x years working within the drinks industry and has cultivated an excellent reputation that we are extremely proud of. Our brands have been specifically chosen based on their rich provenance, heritage, and process. As such, Pegasus Spirits naturally resonates with the Premium Retail and On Trade sectors, as well as the more discerning consumer looking for the story behind the brand, as well a great tasting cocktail.

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We have a very focussed and efficient team, which enables us to minimize and control costs. The fees for our services are fixed on a monthly basis and can be tailored to meet your brand’s marketing plans. Overall, our costs are significantly lower than hiring a full-time employee. In addition, our partnership with you ensures a greater level of success due to our extensive network and infrastructure support that we provide. Pegasus Spirits can establish distribution via wholesalers, find a suitable importer(s) for the brand and proceed to:

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  • Progressively increase sales volumes month by month. 
  • Research the UK market, collect relevant market data and provide monthly reports, based on previously agreed and planned activities. 
  • Select a brand ambassador who will have regular, direct contact with key decision makers of the on-trade. 
  • Promote and develop your brand via social media, activations, placements, staff training and events. 
  • Manage your brand as the appointed brand agent for the UK as part of our portfolio.

Rui C. Dal Pozzo Teixeira

Born in South Brazil, Rui's ancestors are of both Italian and German descent, who set sail for Brazil looking for a better life. A long lineage of master wine and spirit makers, Rui took up his family's mantel in the UK in London. A very well know face in the hospitality industry, Rui worked for a number of iconic bars and restaurants before becoming a brand ambassador.


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